Rev. Laura Shennum

Tapping Into Our “Awe”someness

As Rev. Laura prepares to leave for sabbatical, she has a few words of wisdom and tasks to impart to the congregation. Come to the service to see her off and find your place in the coming months.

Paying Attention to Our History

This year marks the 34th anniversary of the founding of Cascade UU. We will come together and explore stories from our past to understand how they influence our future.

Rapt Attention

The quality of our life depends on what we choose to pay attention to and what we ignore. How do we prioritize our attention to create deeper meaning in our lives?

Breaking Open Our Boundaries

What are the messages we hold as UUs and as social beings that hinder us from creating beloved community? We will explore those blind spots we all have in our interactions with others and how they create deterrents to belonging.

Musical Bonds

Music brings people together and creates magical moments of transformation. Join us for this interactive service with lots of music and insights into bonding through music

Great Expectations

Each of us develops expectations for ourselves and others. How does our faith support us when our expectations dissolve? How do we support each other by continuing to set up expectations?

Faithful Expectations

How are faith and expectation intertwined? When we encounter challenging times, can faith help us set up a path of expectation and survival?

Have Faith in the Drip!

What does it mean to have faith in our church community? Join us this morning as we gather for our annual water communion and explore our connections to each other. Remember to bring water to share in our communion. We will also commission Joel Courtney as an Intern Minister.

Question Box Sermon

Do you have burning questions for our minister? This Sunday, Rev. Laura will collect questions from the pews and answer them during the service.