Welcome to the Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship!

We are thrilled that you are exploring membership as part of our community! 

It would be a delight to welcome in so many new visitors. One of our goals is to create a path to integrate you into the life of the Fellowship and connect you with new friends. Some of you may have already attended a visitor lunch (Newcomer Chat) or would still like to. Rest assured we do offer these events periodically. We will also offer one class on Unitarian Universalist history and CUUF’s own history to help ground you in this tradition. Another opportunity to get more connection will be a final class where you can learn about ways to become more deeply involved in this congregation, learn about CUUF membership, and, in all the events, you will get a chance to know other people better.

Once you have connected through these three opportunities, you might be ready to sign our membership book.  If that is the case, we will have a New Member Sunday after this series.  You are welcome to proceed at your own pace—joining the events does not commit you to joining the Fellowship and you will always be welcome whether you become a member or not. Folks who have been members for a long time are welcome to these events as well.  All events will be at the Fellowship. If you can’t make an event, please talk with Rev. Thomas.

Newcomer Chat (once a month immediately after Sunday service date will be announced)

If you have been a new visitor to Cascade UU Fellowship in the last few months, then this message is for you. You are invited to stay after the service, where we will have a chance to get to know you better and answer any questions you may have about CUUF. You will also get to meet others that have recently started attending our Fellowship. A light, finger food lunch will be provided.

For more information contact LeRoy Farmer at leroyf@outlook.com.

Path to CUUF Membership Class (dates will be announced)

Have you been coming to CUUF for a while and are you beginning to feel like becoming more involved? Maybe you’ve been to a Newcomer Chat? The next step toward becoming a member of CUUF is to attend a “Path to Membership” session. In addition to getting to know each other better, you’ll learn more about CUUF’s and Unitarian Universalism’s history and find out about the many opportunities to get involved with CUUF.

Additional Resources for your own learning:

Why have CUUF new members chosen to belong to the Fellowship?

  • Hideo retired after working 42 years as a licensed professional engineer and hydrogeologist. When he and his wife came to the Wenatchee Valley, they sought out an open, welcoming, supportive, spiritual community that embraces diversity. They are so grateful they found it here at CUUF.
  • Stephanie has been an attorney for more than 22 years.  Since moving here last June, she and her husband have been searching for a spiritual community that is inclusive, non-judgmental, and accepts everyone as they are.  They are grateful to a congregant for introducing CUUF to them and they have been coming back ever since.
  • Kathy strongly believes she is one strand in a vast interconnected web of life. She is very passionate about social justice and learning about her own inherent biases and privileges so she can better understand and assist those who are or have been disenfranchised. She loves the seven UU principles and the community she has experienced at CUUF.
  • Jerry says he has felt spiritually lost for many years since Christianity let him down. Unitarian Universalist beliefs strongly appeal to him because they strive to include everyone in the world. He has enjoyed every personal encounter within this fellowship.
  • Leigh values being fully present in her life and in her relationships with spirit, with self, and with others.  As part of that commitment, her intention in joining the UU fellowship provides that safe place for self-expression, creativity, and a welcoming place of loved and loving souls to create “Beloved Community”.  She is delighted to be on this journey with others in the fellowship.
  • Jennifer is a mom of three who wanted a place where she could feel supported and at peace. She continues to attend because of the warmth it brings her and her family, and the sermons that spark conversation with her kids. She wholeheartedly wishes to embrace everything that is UU, and hopes to surround herself with all loving members of the congregation.
  • John is a 10-year Naval submarine veteran and 30-year funeral service professional. He has participated with Unitarian groups in locations including Portland, Vancouver, Port Angeles and Klamath Falls. John says it just makes sense for him to continue to walk his nature-centered path with the good people of the Wenatchee Valley
  • Roxanne was originally curious about UU in Vancouver, WA, first attending to celebrate her dad’s life at an ancestor service of remembrance that was followed by a contradance that day.  She met her husband there, as he participated in the UU CUUPS group that had also drawn her attention.  Some of her best friends are in that group, and she hopes to make more new friends here through activities, gatherings, cookouts, campouts, service endeavors, and so forth.