Pledge Drive Report

Our Fellowship expressed its generosity and abundance during the 2024-2025 Annual Pledge Drive. We increased the number of pledging households to 78, representing 106 members who supported our ministries over the coming church fiscal year.  A total of $229,850 was pledged, with more pledges expected.  This is the second largest amount of pledged financial support ever received, the largest being our previous pledge drive, assuring our financial ability to attract a new, settled minister.

Pledging our financial support of our Fellowship is an important declaration of our commitment to our church and each other.  Pledging reflects our generosity and expressions of abundance, regardless of the amounts we individually pledge, and every pledge is deeply valued.  Pledging also provides a basis for the Board of Trustees to adopt a proposed budget to adequately fund the ministries of our Fellowship.  As a result of your generosity through pledging, our anticipated contributions of record, and our fundraising activities, the Fellowship’s proposed budget for the coming church fiscal year will fund all the budget requests made to the Board. Thank you all for being part of our religious community!

Steve Clem, 20024-2025 Pledge Drive Coordinator

We Need You! Be A General Assembly Delegate

Want to be part of shaping UU history? This year, during the GA business sessions, delegates will vote on changes to our UU Principles—BIG changes—as well as other items. As a delegate, you will definitely feel like an integral part of our religious faith as you cast your vote and see democracy in action.

If you want to serve as a CUUF delegate, please contact Board President Julie McAllister or Rev. Thomas. The Board can select three delegates at large; Rev. Thomas, as our minister, is automatically the fourth.

You don’t have to attend the other parts of GA, but you will probably want to when you check out what is being offered. I have been to two GAs in person and one virtually, and all were well worth the time and the money. This year, I am very excited about the theme, “Love Unites, Stories Ignite.” I hope to see you online at GA!

~Rita Salama, Board Vice-President