2023 Pledge Drive tops all others!

Thanks to the generosity of members and friends of CUUF, the recently completed Stewardship Campaign was the most successful in the Fellowship’s history!   It provides the fiscal resources needed to pay for the next fiscal year’s projected expenditures – with about $25,000 to save and/or use to pay for program improvements.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) will make a recommendation in its proposed budget about the use of the income that is projected to exceed projected expenses. Each spring the BOT develops a proposed budget for the next fiscal year that begins July 1. In May or June congregation members vote whether to approve the budget during an annual business.

During the designated time of the 2023 Stewardship Campaign 72 pledges were submitted for a total donation of close to $244,000.  Last year 67 pledges were submitted for a total of approximately $172,000.

“Our results show that members and friends receive value from CUUF and believe in its mission, vision and covenant, as each and every one who pledged demonstrated incredible generosity,” said member Stem Clem who chaired this year’s campaign.

“We had folks who pledged for the first time, I believe because they came to realize it was not about the amount pledged. And others maintained their pledges, even though retirement accounts have been adversely affected by stock market losses, and their income has decreased. Generosity is a statement from the heart and not based upon wealth.  It is about nurturing the donor’s relationship with CUUF and the congregation. And this generosity is a huge statement of support for recruiting a full-time, settled minister, and maintaining CUUF as a place for progressive religious/spiritual practice and education in NCW,” he said.

The preliminary operating budget developed by the BOT for the fiscal year that runs from mid-2023 to mid-2024 calls for $219,000 in expenditures.

The recent pledge drive’s significant infusion of income for the Fellowship comes after two years when reserve funds were used to pay for some operating expenses.

Although the formal 2023 pledge period has ended, donations to CUUF may be made at any time.