Our 2024 Annual Pledge Drive has started!

A pledge is a formal promise or something given as a sign that you will keep a promise. We determine and affirm how our time and money resources can further our purposes as a congregation through pledges.

We’ve made our 2024-2025 pledge packet and pledge form available online. You can pledge with us by filling out our online pledge form or contact Steve Clem to get a hard copy. Please note: If you are part of a household that is already pledging and you want to pledge separately, please be sure to fill out our pledge form on your own.

How You Can Financially Support the Fellowship

Ongoing pledged donations or one-off gifts can be made through various methods:

Cash or Check (Please indicate Annual Pledge, Donation, or Capital Campaign in your mailing)

  • Mail to the church: Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1550 Sunset Highway, East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Automatic Bank Withdrawal (ACH)

We urge every member to sign up for monthly Automatic Bank Withdrawals for cost efficiency.  Payments will be made electronically from your bank account to Cascade UU’s bank account. No paper is wasted, and monthly payments are made effortlessly until you decide to change or stop them. Other payment methods are much less efficient or cost the church money (for example, PayPal and credit cards charge up to 2-4% in fees). Contact the CUUF Treasurer (treasurer@cascadeuu.org) for steps on how to set up Automatic Bank Withdrawal.

Online Bill Pay

Many banks and financial institutions now offer a convenient online bill pay option. You can set up a one-time or recurring payment directly through your bank. The bank will cut the check for you and send it directly to Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Call your bank for more information on Online Bill Pay.

Credit Card (please indicate the type of donation/contribution you are making: pledge, donation, Share the Plate, Packing Friendship, Pantry, or capital campaign payment):

Cascade UU uses PayPal to accept small/one-time donations via credit card. For large or recurring payments, consider another payment method described above that minimizes fees and maximizes the impact of your generosity. If paying by credit card is right for you, please be sure to specify how to apply your donation.