There is a place for you at Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, a place for you to share your life experiences and learn about those of your colleagues at CUUF. We are all about engagement. You can stimulate your mind by taking classes, participating in or proposing discussion groups on significant social issues, or joining a book club.  And that’s just a sampling. You can make a difference in our valley by involving yourself in community outreach and social justice programs. Covenant groups are a unique way to connect with other members and to gain more in-depth knowledge about Unitarian Universalism. And, you can both express the gourmet in you and socialize at the frequent small-group circle suppers. Another significant part of your engagement is the opportunity to become involved in the governance of the church by serving on its various committees or on the board. Decisions at CUUF are democratic from the member level, not from top-down authority.