New Building Task Force
During April’s board meeting, CUUF’s Board of Trustees chartered CUUF’s New Building Task Force to lead the investigation and determination of CUUF’s residency. The task force is actively seeking volunteers.

This committee will consider all our options:

  • Building something on our property on the North lot.
  • Building on another, purchased, lot entirely.
  • Finding an existing building to purchase.
  • Finding a building to rent.

Once the task force is formed, members will make periodic reports to the congregation and, if needed, hold forums/listening groups for insight/perspective. This new committee will be responsible for this work. We have the time to make an informed and sound decision for our Fellowship, and this team will help us do it. 

Rev. Thomas has already asked for the names of anyone interested; if you are interested, please submit your name to him at

Anyone interested in volunteering should read the following items:

CUUF’s New Building Task Force Charter
WSDOT Meeting Report