Lynn Madsen

Practicing Gratitude

From ancient philosophy to modern science, Gratitude has been seen as essential for resilience, contentment, and joy. How do we cultivate a grateful heart? How do we move from grateful feelings to grateful actions so that we tend what and who we are grateful for? Join us as we explore Gratitude in story, song, and self-reflection.

The Ecology of Human Connection

We know humans are social animals; we naturally organize into pairs and families and tribes. But how and why does that happen. What are the actual bonds that hold us together, how do they form and how do they operate? How do we maintain them and how can they be repaired?


When we listen deeply, we use more than our ears and respond to more than the words. When we truly attend, we are using our entire being. When we listen deeply, part of what we are offering is our honest, openhearted response. Which means we have to be noticing ourselves as well. Join us as … Continued

Celebrating Sensitivity

All of us are sensitive in some ways; to sensory experience, to emotions, to ideals. Some of us have sensitive temperaments and are responsive to almost everything. All sensitivity is rooted in our body’s response; our senses tell us what is important and what to pay attention to. Sense–itivity. Join us in a multi sensory … Continued

Dealing with Feeling

Emotions are an essential part of our humanity. They tell us what is going on in our world and in ourselves, help us connect with each other and move us toward necessary action. The dominant voices in our culture have encouraged and valued reason over emotion for 6 centuries. We are often left distrusting or … Continued

How Do We Know What the Truth Is?

Our brains – right and left, cognitive functions, memory, and senses – view and interpret the world for us. But how reliable are they, with respect to “ground truth”? What is the role of individual discernment and judgment in choosing what truths to hang on to? Lynn Madsen and Chris Rader will explore how the … Continued