Christina Davitt

Celebration of Lives Lived

Let’s join together in Beloved Community to Celebrate Lives Lived in 2019. We’ll find meaning and hope in listening to each other’s stories. Bring a family or special quilt or a piece of fabric to place on the back of your chair to comfort you in love.

Time Travelling With Trees

As we move into the season of Advent, come find out how the majestic holiness of trees speaks to us.  Are we the ones we’ve been waiting for all along?

Come in Here – For Friendship

Is loneliness the root of what ails us as a society? Let’s talk about how we can make the connections we need to begin to heal ourselves and our communities.

Spirituality In Nature

Let’s dive into an exploration of the 7th UU Principle which affirms the interdependent web of life of which we are a part.  Come join us as we explore the question: When do you feel the presence of God in this interdependent web of Life? 

Shine a Light For All the World To See

We all need signposts, a compass to steer by, or a light shining in the dark to guide us in our lives. Let’s look at the Ten Commandments and the Seven UU Principles – how are they alike and different? And how can we choose the gifts and strengths we share with a world that … Continued

The Christians and the Pagans

Come find out what happens when a pagan couple reaches out to their Christian relatives in search of a meal and connection on Christmas. What lessons can we learn in acting with compassion and acceptance from these holiday travelers?

Gratitude for Our Joys & Sorrows

Bring your whole self, as you are today, on this Thanksgiving Sunday, as we gather in Beloved Community to support each other in our Joys and our Sorrows.

Meet Me at Tuesday: A Religious Response to Dementia

Our First UU Principle calls us to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person. What does that look like when we are faced with the ever increasing incidence of dementia and memory loss in our community? Let’s explore our religious response as Unitarian Universalists in Beloved Community through music, story and improv.   … Continued

Rejoice & Resist! Reflections from General Assembly

The UU General Assembly was held from June 21-25 in New Orleans. Rev. Laura, Christina, Conor, and Bree attended the event. This morning, they will share reflections about their experiences and what they learned.  

Our Relationship With World Troubles

Come and sit awhile with us as we ponder how to exercise our Right of Conscience in the face of such troubling times. This will be a covenant circle type of service.