Ministerial Search Team Update
April 2023

Drum roll!!!!  
We are excited to share that we have a match with a candidate minister!!!!   We are still following the process, so we cannot release the name of the candidate yet, but we are able to share that we have a candidate who will be coming to Wenatchee for 10 days later this month to preach and to meet committees, teams etc.  The next step in the process is that the Negotiating Team begins the final contract negotiations with the candidate.  

More information will come on the Candidating Week as we get closer – For now here are some key things that we can tell you and dates to mark on calendars:

  • The candidate has experience as a minister, and a strong background in social action, relationship building, working with youth, and planning a cohesive worship experience.  
  • The Candidating Week begins on Saturday, April 21 with meetings with the Board, etc.  
    • Sunday, April 22nd the candidate will provide the “sermon” this is largely a “getting to know them” service. 
    • Throughout the week there will be meetings with committees and members.
    • Sunday, April 30th, the candidate will lead worship, and provide the sermon.  
    • Immediately after the service the congregation will vote on whether to “Call” the minister.  So Sunday, April 30th is a key service to be available for!  

More will be coming in the next couple of weeks.  We are so happy with the outcome of our search!  We truly believe that the committee was able to find a candidate who matches really well with what you told us you wanted in a minister.  And the candidate is really excited and pleased that we matched.  

Thank you for allowing us to do this really important work!  

Sara Severson, Chair;
Julie McAllister, Communications;
Deb Miller, Finance Liaison;
Lynn Madsen and Shannon Eisert