Steve Clem

The Wisdom of Simplicity

The greatest and most useful wisdom is not complex, but is simple in its statement and difficult in its application.

Integrity and Dignity

Integrity and dignity are the products of the relationship each of us has with ourselves, our relationships with others, and our relationship with God (a relationship needed whether or not we believe that God exists).  It is through this balance of integrity and dignity that we create Oneness with the world.

Hope vs. Expectation

The Power of Anticipation We anticipate the future through our hopes and expectations. When is our anticipation a hope? When is it an expectation? Can we use our understanding of hope and expectation as a means of effecting change?

Live From the Pacific West Regional Assembly

This morning, we will be live-streaming from the Pacific West Regional Assembly, where Rev. Vanessa Southern will be preaching about stories of hope, courage, resistance, and resilience.  

Democracy: A Hammer, A Bell, and a Song

Democracy can be “messy.” Our current political climate is nothing new. Unitarian Universalist principles guide our effective participation in governance.

Healing Through Connections

When a person encounters grief, sadness, or disconnection, one can become disheartened. You can feel lost and wandering. How do we bring ourselves back to wholeness? How do we heal our spirit?