Joel Courtney

Wisdom in Words

Share the Plate: Literacy Council Writing is one of many spiritual practices used throughout history to help us process complex ideas and share ourselves with our community. CUUF writers will share their experiences in this process.

Wisdom of the Fool

Long ago, the only member of the royal court allowed to mock the king was the lowly jester. What role does the fool play today? Does the absurd help us to understand our reality?

Bend, Don’t Break

Creating a welcoming community can bring up uncomfortable feelings. How can we allow for new perspectives that allow for flexibility in our attitudes and our environment?

Annual Fire Communion

This community ritual is celebrated across many cultures and traditions around the world. Join us letting go of the past year and welcoming the new year.

Full of Awe

Across many traditions, the Divine is described as both beautiful and terrifying. How does that dual nature relate to a modern understanding?

Easing Attention

Mindfulness is excellent at helping us to be more intentional in our lives and to honor the relationships in our lives. Sadly, there is a lot of pain in being mindful every day – in our personal lives, in our community, and on our TV. Is there a balance to mindfulness and how can we … Continued

Connection Through Grace: Annual Forgiveness Ritual

Each year we take notice of those moments when we and others were lacking in our commitments over the past year. This morning, the ritual work with stones will assist us in the work of forgiving ourselves and others.

Challenging Expectations

With so many major acts of hate in the world, it can be easier for the smaller acts of hate to fly under our radar. How does that constant exposure affect our perceptions? What is a better counteraction, acts of resistance or acts of love?

Heroes to Helpers

The stories we tell ourselves and each other shape our lives and how we see the world. Popular culture often shows us one version of supporting others. How have those stories affected our perceptions and what stories would better serve our world.

Human Networking

Computer networking is often used as an analogue for the human mind to help us understand computers better, but what can those comparisons teach us about the human condition and the challenges we face?