Online Services

This Sunday, Join us in worship at 10:30am Check upcoming services for ways to connect. To watch the video or listen to the audio of previous services, click the service archive button below.

Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a beautiful Christmas Eve Service. Have your homemade chalice and candle or a candle of your own to sing our traditional closing hymn, “Silent Night.” The service link will be available on the Upcoming Services tab below at Noon on Christmas Eve. A zoom watch party will happen at 7pm on Christmas … Continued

Love, Hope, & Connection in Lieu of Fear

Join us for at 10:30am through one of these platforms: Zoom or Facebook: click the upcoming services link below to connect Or by phone:1-669-900-6833 Meeting ID: 387304929#

The Wisdom of Simplicity

The greatest and most useful wisdom is not complex, but is simple in its statement and difficult in its application.

Wisdom in Words

Share the Plate: Literacy Council Writing is one of many spiritual practices used throughout history to help us process complex ideas and share ourselves with our community. CUUF writers will share their experiences in this process.

Wisdom of the Fool

Long ago, the only member of the royal court allowed to mock the king was the lowly jester. What role does the fool play today? Does the absurd help us to understand our reality?

Bend, Don’t Break

Creating a welcoming community can bring up uncomfortable feelings. How can we allow for new perspectives that allow for flexibility in our attitudes and our environment?

Practicing Gratitude

From ancient philosophy to modern science, Gratitude has been seen as essential for resilience, contentment, and joy. How do we cultivate a grateful heart? How do we move from grateful feelings to grateful actions so that we tend what and who we are grateful for? Join us as we explore Gratitude in story, song, and self-reflection.

Stories of Resilience

Share the Plate: NAMI What is your story of resilience?  Come join us and be inspired by the compelling stories of resilience from our own CUUF members who have survived and thrived after facing difficult times.

Becoming a Resilient Leader

“Blessed is [the one] who has learned to admire but not envy, to follow but not  imitate, to praise but not flatter, and to lead but not manipulate.” ~William Arthur Ward What qualities do you look for in a leader?  Are you a leader or a joiner? Join us as we explore resilience.