Notes from the Parish Nurse

I resonated with this blog – when I look back at my life, every time there was a set back or things did not turn out as planned, I ended up being given an opportunity for something even better than I had originally imagined!
Now when I set my mind on something, I always remember to add “I want this, it’s equivalent, or better, harming none, for the good of all, and according to free will.”
Roadblocks: A Blessing in Disguise
by Amy Oraefo
Defeat? Frustration? Sadness? Are these some of the initial feelings that you experience when you are unable to accomplish a goal? What if you could turn these negative emotions into something positive in your life?
As a society, we are programmed to create a mental and/or physical checklist of goals and aspirations that we seek to accomplish at specific moments in our lives. When our “blueprint for life” does not go as planned, we feel as if we have failed ourselves and those who love us. What if your “blueprint” will not provide you with the maximum satisfaction in life, but another method or approach would prove to yield greater results for your life? Would you willingly follow that method or simply remain disgruntled that your plan did not manifest itself in the manner which you desired?
Roadblocks — temporary obstacles that prevent someone from moving forward — believe it or not, are necessary in life. If you are honest with yourself and reflect on past events that occurred in your life, you will acknowledge that without certain roadblocks, your character would not be strengthened. Whether we like it or not, we all need to build character because character yields wisdom, experience and growth. As the saying goes, “Man plans. God laughs!” This saying proves to be a mantra in my life because it constantly reminds me that I am not supposed to have every aspect of my life figured out. My responsibility is to put my best foot forward and see where life leads me.
Once I embraced the aspect of roadblocks and its temporary nature, I had to abandon the feeling of failure and view specific roadblocks as short-term obstacles, used as mechanisms to reroute me in a more rewarding direction.
The next time you do not get that job that you so desperately wanted or you were unable to purchase the house of your dreams, take a deep breath and know that this roadblock is temporary and it will pass. In due time, everything will work in your favor and what you once viewed as a roadblock could manifest itself into a pivotal moment in your life which can change your destiny. Just be ready and willing to take the journey!

Lori Nitchals, Parish Nurse

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