Notes From the Parish Nurse

As we begin our new fellowship year, I want to mention a program CUUF offers to connect volunteers with folks in need of temporary assistance due to illness or injury. This can be in the form of rides, meals, and visits. The program is called Lotsa Helping Hands created by a man who was the primary caregiver to his wife. He realized he needed a more efficient way to schedule their needs so friends and family could easily sign up to help out. This is a free website with an easy to use Help Calendar.
At CUUF, if you have a need, for example an upcoming surgery, you can call Rev. Laura, who will help you assess your needs. Then she will contact the Helping Hands Coordinator who will post tasks on the website’s Help Calendar. The coordinator will then email all the volunteers who are signed up that there is a need, including a link to the Help Calendar so volunteers can sign up for one or more tasks. Regular reminders are emailed to volunteers so no one forgets their commitments. Only those who are signed up will be notified of volunteer opportunities- we no longer send out notices to the entire congregation.
For those of you who are not already signed up as a Lotsa Helping Hands volunteer and would like to help out, please contact Rev. Laura at or call 509-881-9658.  For those who prefer not to fuss with signing up on an online calendar, but still want to be on the volunteer list, contact Rev. Laura.
I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this method of coordinating volunteers. When I had my foot surgery several years ago and was unable to walk for 8 weeks, I was the first person to use this site. Wow!  I had meals, rides to the doctor, folks who offered to walk my dog, take down my trash, visit and play Scrabble…I have never felt so well cared for! The best part was that no one felt pressured to do more than one meal, or one ride, etc. The tasks were shared by many wonderful “helping hands.”
As a caring faith community, this is one more way we can help our fellow congregants in need and support their caregivers.

Lori Nitchals

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