Minister’s Musings – What Does It All Mean?

“…Contemporary religious liberals are not shy about speaking out on important social and political issues, they are often reluctant to do so using specifically religious language.”  – Paul Rasor, ‘Reclaiming Prophetic Witness: Liberal Religion in the Public Sphere’

What do the election results mean to Unitarian Universalists? We have been a faith of liberal ideas since our beginning. We have pushed agendas throughout history to end slavery, promote women’s rights, gain civil rights, expand marriage equality, and improve social conditions. We have done this continuously no matter if we are frustrated or heartbroken over battles lost. 

We do this because we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of each and every person as well as the interdependent web by which we are all connected. We are unable to be whole and holy without every person being granted basic human rights and protection. 

This idea is not exclusively democrat or republican. In fact, it should cross party lines. This means when we look at the results instead of looking at what party has taken hold or not, we need to look at the issues being debated and what won. Minimum wage was increased in three states; anti-abortion issues were voted against; expanded background checks were approved. 

Some firsts to celebrate:
Tim Scott, first African- American from the South to be elected to the Senate since the Reconstruction
Mia Love, first African-American woman elected to congress – ever.
Joni Ernst, first woman to be elected to Congress from Iowa
Shelley Moore Capito , first woman to be elected to Congress from West Virginia
Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island’s first female Governor
Elise Stefanik, youngest woman ever elected to Congress
For the first time in history, there will be 100 women in Congress. 

The other way UU’s have made an impact is to show up and to speak up. If you do not like what is happening in this world, then put your beliefs and values to action. Figure what your part is to do. 

As liberal theologian James Luther Adams describes his belief, “…more important than any particular idea of God is a belief that history has meaning and [it is] our responsibility to be engaged.”

Peace & Grace,
Rev. Laura

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