Minister’s Musings – A Noisy World

If it is language that makes us human, one half of language is to listen.”
– Jacob Trapp, UU Minister


To wrap up our monthly theme of: “What does it mean to be a person of deep listening?” I give you these wise words from UU Minister Richard S. Gilbert:

Listening, then, has a spiritual dimension. It suggests that I am not the center of the cosmos, but rather one source of words among others. It implies that I have no monopoly on wisdom, that true wisdom may be found in listening.

Listen! Listen to what others have to say.
There is wisdom in all you meet.
Listen to the sounds of nature.
It speaks and sings and makes music
For those who pay attention.
Listen! Listen to the impulses of your spirit.
Take time to hear your inner yearnings,
That still, small voice drowned in the raucous shout.
Listen! This is a noisy world.
Perhaps, this year, we will listen.

May you find time to listen to the noisy world around you and find meaning in the sounds you encounter.

Peace & Grace,
Rev. Laura

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