Thank You for Your Answers!
We want to thank you all for your participation in our Congregational Survey and our ongoing Cottage Meetings!   As you know, the purpose of these is to gather all of your input so that we can make the best minister match for our congregation! 

We received a total of 51 surveys which is very good!   We want to share a summary of some of the information that we received from you.   We will place some diagrams on our MSC tab on the CUUF website to share that information.  Click Here to view.

Also, we are still conducting Cottage Meetings through this month.  We want to get as much input as possible.  What is asked in the Cottage Meetings is different than what was on the survey.  We do have two upcoming meetings after services on Oct. 23rd and Oct. 30th.   

If you cannot attend a Cottage Meeting through an established committee, or one of the open sessions, but want to have input, please reach out to a committee member. 
Sara Severson, Lynn Madsen, Shannon Eisert, Deb Miller, Julie McAllister